Room at GalleryMuse

04.05.13 – 06.06.13

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Toby Mulligan grew up on a farm in Gloucestershire where he painted & sculpted from an early age. In the 90’s he moved to France & exhibited in small solo & larger group shows. He moved back to England in 2011. His portrait ‘About Time’ of his daughter won a place in the prestigious annual BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery 2012. The show went to the National Scottish Gallery.

Toby is a gifted landscape & cityscape artist, who works in oils and acrylic. His abstract paintings explore aspects of the body, with colour as an expression for emotion. His pen & ink drawings & mono prints are powerful and beautiful. Toby sometimes creates them with a speed that he times and these can be viewed at the gallery.

GalleryMuse have commissioned Toby to explore his series of works around the theme of the room. A man and woman are depicted in various contemplative moods of their relationship.

Toby is one of the most exciting draughtsman and painters to appear for many years. We anticipate a fascinating career and invite you to join us in our discovery of this artist.