After at GalleryMuse

Malcolm Crocker 1

Malcolm Crocker explores the relationship of abandoned objects within a ravaged landscape. Strands of wire and lumps of concrete, tubes made of iron erupt from rocks and scraggy bushes. The abandoned and disintegrated evidence of a utopia continues to grow through cracks and narrow crevices into a brand new day. This world refuses to be destroyed and yet has disappeared from its original conception. These materials may also have been purposefully found and used to create something new out of what lay around. Malcolm teases with the epic view, the angle that travels away from the edge of the canvas, allows for an ambiguous dance; anything may lie beyond the frame. The contradiction of muted and bright colours, soft jagged rounded forms, allude to a desire to recreate and destroy.

The paintings within After at GalleryMuse are an unsteady assurance that foundations remain, however careless humanity may be in its interaction with landscape. Here is revealed a strength and relentless determination to inspire, an overwhelming determination to create and be seen.

Malcolm Crocker left Winchester School of Art in 2009 with a 1st class BA. He’s now part of the Sedici group of artists formed by Danny Rolph, professor at the Royal Academy.