Icon at GalleryMuse

Icon at GalleryMuse1

All works priced at three hundred and seventy five pounds.

Andy Waite earns his living as a full time painter. He is primarily known for his landscape works that are mainly semi abstract impressionist paintings.

GalleryMuse is delighted to showcase Icon. This is the first time a gallery has exhibited the work, outside of Andy’s usual open house events. The work began as portraits of family and friends as angel or saint. It has developed into a wider exploration of the human face. Icon implies anyone has moments of being at peace, and the paintings of the holy ones from medieval times hold a universal feeling of love. Andy Waite was drawn to the compassion and humility that may be found within ancient Christianity.Icon does not represent any specific faith; rather they are open to interpretation and reflective of a journey through the heart more than of any religious belief, they may be viewed as part of a gentler way of being in the world.The film ‘Brothers’ is shown alongside this exhibition. Andy made it in response to the composer Ludovico Einaudi ‘Brothers’ from ‘In A Time Lapse’ The compassion, love and gentle struggle of being human expressed in the film acts as a good companion to Icon at GalleryMuse.

Icon is the thirteenth show since GalleryMuse opened in December 2012. 13 Icons are exhibited and GalleryMuse dedicates the show to Delilah Montagu & Louise Coe.

For more information on the artist please visit his website.