It’s All Around You at GalleryMuse

June 28th – July 19th 2014.
Thurs-Sat 10.30-5.30.

GalleryMuse is delighted to show Antony Easton in his first solo show.

Easton comes from a background of advertising in print and film. He studied at Chelsea and St Martins School of Art and Design and has now returned to his art roots. This body of work explores the effect words and images have upon our subconscious mind. Easton uses photography and 3D lenticular prints to show close-ups of the natural world, in the centre of which he places a word, written in bold white print. The work is box framed as a statement to emphasise how the natural world has no voice other than our own, and how we use that voice is pivotal to our relationship with nature and ourselves.