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MIKE WALKER is an Artist, Writer, Lecturer and Academic currently lecturing at Chichester and Kent University.

GalleryMuse is very excited to open 2014 with Mike Walkers’ explorative work of fine art monoprints.

I think of the blank canvas or paper as a kind of field rather than a window, a defined area that already has a charge of energy. As soon as I make a mark on that field I’m setting up possibilities and what I usually do is draw a line, often from one edge to another: this isn’t a contour, it isn’t a line that defines the form of something but rather a thing-in-itself with its own quality and properties. This first line dictates the next or at least strongly suggests the direction of the next line in relation to itself: whilst I’m actually painting there is nothing outside of the field, that’s all there is, the passage of a line is the most important thing at that moment. The painting generates its own internal logic. I make sequences of work that explore some of the possibilities of this way of working. I have made paintings where the lines are evenly painted on the blank white of the primed canvas so that the network of their relations are immediately evident, but mostly I use mixed media and printmaking techniques to overlay groups of lines and embed them in a more complex mesh of colour and mark. Recently, in the Square Paintings, I have begun to experiment with more structured arrangements of line, but if anything these only emphasize the containment of the field; they also exploit the fluid properties of paint and its tendency, under the influence of gravity, to run in more or less straight lines. Many of these concerns combine in the 2013 series of paintings/prints and now, at the beginning of 2014, I am cutting a new set of lino plates that explore an all-over field in which the lines tend to curve away from the edge of the image, somewhat in the manner of Jackson Pollock.

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